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 Teaching and Learning

At St. Agatha’s we have believe that we need to cater to 100% of students, 100% of the time. This support will look different for each individual student, but our focus is meeting each student at their point of need. We know that all students will be at varying starting points on their learning journey and our teachers have the role to cater where each individual is.

To do this, our teachers use a range of assessments, as well as recorded observations that will inform their teaching. We know that learning is not linear and will have hurdles along the way, so we are constantly looking for the best evidence based practices to support each child’s need. We want students to become independent learners who learn to reflect on their learning and set their own goals, although this will require continued support from our teachers.

To address this variability and ensure we provide inclusive education, we monitor the progression of students through data analysis and plan as teams to assess best possible strategies and interventions for learning.

Working with parents is a vital part of the learning process. For students with substantial learning needs, we meet with parents regularly to discuss relevant goals and receive any input from external specialists. We want families to know that all students are welcome at St Agatha’s, irrespective of differences in social and academic needs.

We use the Victorian Curriculum. This curriculum can be accessed via the following link:


Our key priorities are English, Mathematics and Religious Education.

Whilst these areas are our priorities, we also provide a breadth of experiences as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum to discover students’ interests and passions. By using technology purposefully and accessing community connections, we are able to provide our students with opportunities within the areas of Humanities, The Arts and Physical Education to allow students to discover their strengths. 


St Agatha's Remote Learning Support

This website is created with the purpose in mind; to provide a simple snapshot of the Remote Learning program, and  assist you in supporting your children.  Please find below a link to the page.