Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a central focus at St. Agatha’s. We want to develop students who feel they can talk to someone. We want to develop students who are resilient to any challenge they may face. We want to develop students who feel like they have strategies to assist in developing their happiness.
At St. Agatha’s, we use a range of strategies, including safety audits and incident reports to track if students may require any support with their personal wellbeing. We believe that teaching and learning is central to any student's wellbeing, as a student who is enagaged in learning and wanting to learn, is more likely to have a positive mindset in general. Student's need to be taught and learn interpersonal skills. It is part of our focus on a holistic education. 
We use the acronym CLIMB for the skills we focus on. The skills are Collaboration, Listening, Including Others, Making Good Choices and Be Responsible. If our students can do all these things, our school will be a great place to be!
If there are any concerns about a student’s wellbeing, we are here to help. Our teachers are willing to meet with families to provide support plans, our leadership team members are available to listen to any concerns and we have a counsellor who can provide support to those students who need it.