RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - Religious Education

Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum at St Agatha's Catholic Primary School. We teach Religion in accordance to the Sale Diocese Religion Curriculum as well as implementing Margaret Carswell's Composite Approach to teach Scripture. Students are involved in daily prayer and meditation and regularly have the opportunity to participate in Mass as a class and whole school community. Our Sacraments Program for Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation is Parish based yet fully supported at school level. Students have the opportunity to build their knowledge and skills when visiting the Church, Rosary Garden, Mary Room and Adoration Chapel. They participate in the Rosary, liturgies and various other classroom experiences to continue to enrich their faith journey. At St Agatha's we support local and national charities such as St Vincent de Paul and Caritas Australia, which provides us with an opportunity to teach the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. One of the Year 6 Leadership Teams called Mini Vinnies also promotes various school initiatives demonstrating our commitment to fulfil St Agatha's motto of; 'Courage, Faith & Love'.