Welcome To St Agatha’s Primary School Cranbourne

Welcome To St Agatha’s Primary School Cranbourne

Courage, Faith and Love

Courage, Faith and Love
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Buddy Program

"Let us pray for peace: peace in the world and in each of our hearts." "God's love calls us to move beyond fear. We ask God for the courage to put on faith, hope and love as we go out into the world and become the word in body as well as spirit." (Pope Francis)

What are buddy programs? How can these be put into practice? Buddy programs refer to programs which involve older children being paired with younger children, between children starting school and children in older grades.

At St Agatha’s, we buddy Foundation students with Year 5 students and this program continues the following year as the same cohort of Foundation students maintain their buddy who transitions to Year 6. The goal is to develop relationships between the younger and older children, enhancing the sense of a friendly and supportive school community. There are benefits for the older buddy in acknowledging their leadership, responsibility and pride in their ability to be helpful.

The St Agatha’s Buddy Program includes the following elements:

  • Staff are involved to oversee how the relationships develop and are maintained
  • The older buddy is provided with advice and some ‘training’ on how to be a buddy
  • Making sure each buddy plainly understands each other’s role
  • There are clear processes for determining what to do if the relationship is not working for either party
  • Children participate in structured activities together as well as being provided with opportunities to identify other activities they might do with and for each other
  • Considering temperaments, styles, gender and other elements when matching buddies.