Welcome To St Agatha’s Primary School Cranbourne

Welcome To St Agatha’s Primary School Cranbourne

Courage, Faith and Love

Courage, Faith and Love
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Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is based on Christian values, to ensure all children and adults are valued, provided with full participation and given every opportunity to flourish.

Inclusive Education means that all students at St Agatha’s are valued and supported to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed no matter their differences including those with; disabilities, additional needs, different cultures, genders, being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or with diverse economic factors.

Welcoming student differences

St Agatha’s is blessed to have a vibrant and diverse community and we strive to ensure that each student is given equal opportunity. To achieve this, the School is guided by the Disability Standards for Education (2005). Where necessary adjustments are made to support students to participate fully in the school.

In doing so;

  • Teachers keep documentation of learning adjustments for students who have additional learning needs. The adjustments are communicated and documented in the students’ personalised learning plan (PLP)
  • The Learning Adjustment Leader organises termly Program Support Group (PSG) meetings with the classroom teacher and parent/s. Where possible, students are included in these meetings as we strive to build independence in our learners.
  • For students who receive at least a term or 10 weeks of additional learning adjustments, they will be included on the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). Information is provided to parents as necessary.
  • Education Support Officers (ESOs) are employed across the school to assist teachers to enact the curriculum for all students. ESOs may work with small groups of students under the direction of the teacher.

The School engages with external agencies in consultation with parents. These include, but are not limited to, psychologists, speech pathologists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, South Sudanese groups, etc